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The Reason Why We Are Rebranding

We would firstly just like to say a massive thankyou for your support with the growth of our business over the last seven years.

As the company has grown our client base has grown with it, as has the range of services that we offer. We now feel that our company name does not represent what we offer as our core business, with many people thinking that we only deal in Cloud Products or Cloud Backup etc.

With this in mind from the 1st August 2020 we are rebranding as Teqex which is more representative of the service that the company offers: Technology, Technical & Electronic products of all brands. We are confident that we excel in these areas and consider ourselves to be experts in this line of business.

As always we appreciate any opportunities you can give us to provide quotes along with any social media shares, online reviews and word of mouth referrals to other clients.

We hope you like the new name, and we hope you can assist and advise us during the changeover process as there will obviously need to be changes in administration details with yourself to ensure the same excellent service is provided.

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Unit 2, Southgate Ind Est, Heywood,
Lancashire OL10 1ND

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