Making sure that your network is constantly running and maintained is a full time job. It is one that requires a lot of dedicated time and a strategic approach which will help to ensure that any issues are dealt with as soon as they appear. Having an engineer come out to your office after your network has already gone down can be costly, not to mention inefficient. The best way to avoid this would be to utilise our remote network monitoring service.

Teqex offer a remote network monitoring service, this will allow our team of experts to make sure that your network is working safely and securely 24/7. We are able to monitor a huge number of networks and are able to quickly alert you of any
problems before they have a large impact on your business. Our service desk are able to log calls and queries which come through from our clients, so that we are able to see patterns arising which may lead to an upgrade being needed. As we have this service desk it allows for your account manager or one of our qualified technicians will deal with your problem as promptly and efficiently as possible.