Managed Service

With our ability to be flexible around our managed IT service, we are able to provide a smarter way to have your IT systems managed. Helping to reduce costs and provide the reliable performance your business needs. Whether you are looking to fully outsource your IT service or if you are just looking for a certain section of your infrastructure to be managed by us then we are able to accommodate that. We are able to provide a service that will meet your requirements.Some of the benefits of our managed service are:

  • Business agility increased
  • Reduction in costs
  • Business risk is decreased significantly
  • Focus on your businesses core skills
  • Allow for predictability of IT costs

Server Management

We have the ability to offer your business a complete server management service, which will help to make sure that your servers are maintained and kept up to date to prevent any errors from occurring. We will assign you your own dedicated account manager who will have full control over your servers which will help to reduce service interruptions and downtime.

Our Server Management Helps To:

  • Maximise the server uptimes
  • Maximise the efficiency of the IT System
  • Ensure that your data is backed up regularly and securely to remove any potential threats
  • Increase your staff productivity
  • Repair persistent issues quicker

All Our Server Management Plans Include:

  • Software Updates done on a regular basis
  • Monitoring of your servers
  • Guaranteed low response times
  • Assistance from knowledged and experienced technicians

Network Management

With a large number of businesses relying on a great IT network solution, it is important that regular maintenance and updates are being carried out. It is recommended that a qualified IT professional carries out maintenance on your network. Our qualified network technicians are available to work on your network to ensure that it is running at full capability round the clock, no matter what type of network your business is using.

We are able to manage any size network and will give you your own account manager who will provide you with a single point of contact if you require any information or encounter any problems.

We Are Able To Help & Manage Networks Including:

  • Security
  • Monitoring of network
  • Routing
  • Control of network

Your dedicated account managed will respond quickly if you are in need of urgent assistance with any unexpected errors which are affecting the performance of your system. This helps us to make your downtime minimal whilst we make repairs.