Disposal & Recycling

Teqex are certified to carry out the disposal and recycling of IT equipment. This means that we are able to collect your old hardware for you and take it away safely under the WEEE directive with are carefully selected partners. In 2007 the WEEE ( Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) Directive was put in place to minimise the amount of electronic goods that were going to the landfill. Its main aim was to increase the amount we re-use and recycle.

A business which uses or produces electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) is required by the law to make sure that they responsibly recycle and dispose of their equipment. We offer our IT Disposal services which help to guarantee that all of your sensitive and secure items, things like hard drives are securely wiped and then also certified with BLANCCO Certificates. Then we dispose of them in accordance to the WEEE directive and ensure that everything is done under the Data Protection Act. We manage all of the process for the equipment disposal, right from the transport to environmentally disposing of the IT assets.

We are able to provide a service which is suited to your requirements and fits around your schedule. This will help you to dispose of your equipment at your own convenience. We have carried out a large number of successful disposals over the years and work with businesses of all sizes. Both private and public sectors.