Cloud Based Solutions

Having a cloud based solution for your business helps to avoid some risks than with your traditional IT Hardware setup. Cloud Based means that you have a number of application programs which are configured to share data within the cloud. Within a network which uses cloud integrations, these applications communicate either directly or through a third-party software deployments.

There are a huge number of benefits to cloud based solutions, these are:

  • Users are able to access their own data in real time no matter their device
  • Users can easily integrate their calendars and contact lists
  • Users are able to access their data from anywhere if they have internet access
  • Use the same logon information throughout all users personal applications
  • Ability for the system to pass control messages between applications programs
  • Avoiding the use of data silos, cloud based solutions allow for data integrity to be
    maintained and avoid any data conflicts
  • Ability to expand and scale the solution when your business requires it

Many businesses are usually sceptical at first when it comes to hybrid computing, but integrating cloud based solutions earlier on can help to reduce any major technical hurdles. Having the cloud integration is essential, as different systems and architectures have always proved a challenge to blend together. With no solid integration strategy, data quality can become a huge problem and may have a big impact on the running of your business.

Teqex are proud of our expertise and knowledge which will allow us to guide you through the whole process. Ensuring that we can supply a system that will meet all of your requirements is always our priority, as having a system that helps your business run smoothly and effectively will allow for your business to grow. Allowing for your customers, partners and suppliers to connect to your business seamlessly will give everyone a more effective experience. As everything is cloud based there are no expensive hardware or licenses.